On the Demands We Ought to Make

The following are a series of demands we, the working class of this country, ought to make of our political leaders. These demands are all aimed at advancing the interests of the working class. Though some of these demands may seem radical, such are the times we live in. If action had been taken even some years earlier, then such radical action would not have been necessary as more moderate action would’ve sufficed. Nevertheless, here we are. The points in this list are subject to change.

What I Believe Our Demands Should Be

1. The outlawing of ownership of residential property by foreign nationals

2. The institution of a ban on the resale of residential property by anyone within five years of purchase

3. Immediate rent controls

4. A moratorium on the construction of single-family housing in all Canadian cities with a population of 50,000 or more

5. A national housing strategy requiring the construction of large quantities of efficient, cheap mass-apartment blocks

6. A timeline demanding specific goals for the construction of large quantities of efficient, cheap mass-apartment blocks

7. A firm commitment by all levels of government to otherwise drastically reduce the cost of housing and of living by any means necessary; however, any means involving the reduction of wages for working people, the reduction in taxes paid by wealthy individuals and corporations, or the reduction in social welfares and general services is to be prohibited

8. Withdrawal from all so-called “free trade” agreements; this shall include firm controls on the ability of capital to be moved beyond the borders of our country

9. The passage of a law outlawing the import of goods unless the workers who performed the labour in manufacturing these goods earn wages and have working conditions and the same rights and protections to organize their labour as do Canadian workers.

10. A commitment to reduce immigration levels into Canada from all other countries

11. An immediate termination to the Temporary Foreign Workers program, including the return of all temporary foreign workers under the program to their home countries