J.T. Marsh, Author

Welcome to the website of author J.T. Marsh.

On this site you’ll find links to J.T.’s work available on Amazon and other sites, previews of his upcoming books, and essays posted from time to time. These essays convey the socio-political and industrial-democratic ideas J.T. has developed over time, based on a mix of influences by theorists he’s read, both in university and outside, and his personal experience as a member of organized labour, a lifetime raised in a working-class family with working-class values, and with Christian values learned through involvement in the modern evangelical movement. Over time, J.T. aims to edit and combine his essays into a book-length manuscript. As well, J.T. is currently working on the second in a trilogy of novels; part I, titled ‘Apocalypse Rising,’ is available for purchase on Amazon, Barns and Noble, iBooks, and elsewhere. This trilogy chronicles a working-class uprising in near-future Britain which spreads to become a global phenomenon that changes history forever.

To the left is a live feed displaying his latest tweets; he uses his Twitter account to post poems and other material regularly, often several times daily. All poems posted to his Twitter feed are original creations found nowhere else in any of his works.